Security and Student Right to Know


Campus security is provided by the Augusta Technical College Police Department. A police officer is on-duty at various times when students are present. These officers are sworn law enforcement officers and augmented when necessary by local law enforcement or the Georgia State Patrol. Officers are dispatched to investigate all reports.

We at Augusta Technical College are committed to providing a safe campus environment, and we ask that everyone takes ownership of this goal. We have undertaken many important institutional efforts to address safety and security issues, and urge you to review the information about campus safety measures, reporting crimes and other emergencies, as well as the procedures and policies designed to protect our college community. We have no greater priority than the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors, but a truly safe campus can only be achieved through the cooperation of everyone.

We strive to foster an environment in which individuals feel safe to attend, learn, and work. Our goals are principles of responsibility and respect. These values are essential to our community and serve as the foundation for productivity and success. A safe, supportive campus can be achieved with everyone’s cooperation. SEE Something. SAY Something.

Officers may be reached at one of the phone numbers below; contact 911 if you have a true emergency.

Augusta Campus (706) 771-4021 or (706) 564-5077
Burke Campus (706) 437-6801
McDuffie Campus (706) 595-0166
Columbia County (706) 651-7368

Hazardous Materials

Augusta Technical College utilizes a computer software program to manage our inventory of hazardous materials and safety data sheets. This program is called MSDSonline, and can be found on this website.

MSDSonline provides a comprehensive database of all hazardous materials on campus and related safety information. Search by material, campus, or program to find the data you need in order to safely use a certain material, or to respond to an emergency.

Access the online MSDS Safety Data by location for Augusta Technical College.

Be Prepared to Act

Safety and security is everyone’s business. Suspected safety violations, hazards, and suspicious activity should be reported to the nearest Augusta Technical College employee in a timely manner.

Be aware of your surroundings and who is around. Do not become a victim by not being safe.

SEE Something. SAY Something.

Campus Parking

The Augusta Technical College has established parking and traffic policies in an attempt to provide as much freedom as possible while protecting the health and safety of all who attend and visit the campus. These regulations are strictly enforced. Click here for the Traffic and Parking Regulations.

Severe/Inclement Weather Policy and Procedures

Decisions regarding conditions affecting Augusta Technical Technical College during severe/inclement weather will be made by the President. The President (or designee) will communicate the decision concerning closing of college facilities, opening late or closing early, to employees and students through several methods as early in the day as possible.

Notifications will be posted on the Augusta Technical College website, social media pages, and notifications will be sent to local media outlets, and the Technical College System of Georgia.